The NTBC family would love to welcome you to any of our gatherings.

You don’t need to dress any particular way – some folks wear ties while others wear jeans.

Our music consists of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. Our focus is on songs with lyrics that glorify God and magnify the name of Christ. We believe that theology and doxology cannot be separated.

You can expect to be fed by preaching and teaching that roots deeply in Scripture, seeking to connect us with what God means for us to hear. The Word is taught in an expository, verse-by-verse, manner that desires to unfold the meaning of God’s revelation to us and honor Christ.

We are a family-oriented church. Your children are a blessing to us and we desire for them to be a part of the worship experience. If you have any special needs, we will gladly accommodate as best as we can.

Consider hanging out after the service. We usually spend time talking and getting to know each other following the service. Fellowship as a body of believers is one of the marks of our union with Christ.

Finally, expect to meet with God along with His people.